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Fast-Acting Relief For Your Medical Narration Challenges

With over 15 years of digital marketing, communications and project management experience with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, Jeff Friedman fully understands the unique complexities and challenges associated with effective medical narration. His direct pharmaceutical industry experience, coupled with his passion for communication enables him to competently deliver precise, fluent, and informed medical narration while consistently engaging listeners with his clear, approachable, natural vocal style. 

Jeff’s experience includes working in multiple therapeutic areas — including oncology, cardiology, immunology, nephrology, rheumatology and dermatology — coupled with his work with disease states such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, transplant and fibromyalgia, have given rise to a vast knowledge-base of medical terminology. In addition, Jeff works closely with multiple healthcare agencies, as well as legal, medical, drug safety, and regulatory affairs teams, which further serves to enhance his broad-based expertise within the healthcare field.

Jeff Friedman is uniquely qualified to draw from this extensive experience in healthcare marketing and communications to consistently deliver voice over narration that is clear, precise and reassuring.

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Basic Oncology e-Learning Module -
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