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We've worked with Jeff on several VO projects and have been consistently happy with the results! The turnaround times were good, as well as the excellent quality and swift, professional communication.  We highly recommend him!
Zoltan Wagner

Envoke, Toronto, ON

Warm, genuine, and compassionate sounds are what make Jeff among the best in the business. He's timely, communicative and understands how to properly deliver the right vocal direction. When voicing, he just gets it. He understands pacing and conviction. His voice was a clear stand out among the dozens we auditioned for our broadcast client. We wanted a voice-over that spoke quality and clearly identify the client when their commercials aired. Jeff not only delivered, but provided a variety of takes to give ample options for the edit. When we needed last minute pickups to add to the roster of commercials, he responded within minutes to our request and was able to match his pickup vocals to the original takes within the hour. This made blending different cuts seamlessly, saving the client time and money.  Most recently, we hired Jeff again for the same customer to produce new broadcast commercials for this year's campaign. A job well done.

Wes Kane

Kane Productions , Oklahoma City, OK

Working with Jeff Friedman has been an all-around excellent experience. Response time, communication, specification, and deliverables have all helped keep our projects on time and on budget. We look forward to more projects the Jeff and are thankful for the partnership!

Jon Villasenor 

BEMER USA, Carlsbad, CA

Great, great, great!  I couldn't ask for a better experience!  Great attention to detail and he asked all the right questions upfront to help bring about a BEAUTIFUL narration.

Natalie Lett

Mölnlycke Health Care

Jeff was great to work with!  Very collaborative and great communication throughout the whole process. He quickly found a spot on our list of favorites and we'll definitely be using him in the future!

Tyler Nimmons

Frontrunner Films, Los Angeles, CA

Wow! All I have to say is that Jeff is one highly talented narrator. Not only that but what I am most impressed by is his versatility; some of the stuff I asked him to do required him to dramatically calibrate his voice and performance, and he did so impeccably. He produces top-notch, hi-def, crystal clear sound quality with a consistent control. Just give him a shot, and you'll be impressed.

James Heyes

Publisher, "Life n' Hack Audiobooks

Jeff was a pleasure to work with and always quick to respond. He sent us an audition the same day we requested it, and was very flexible throughout the booking process. We look forward to continue working with him on future voice over projects!

Derin Wright

SuperExploder, New York, NY


Jeff was extremely easy to work with and very flexible with our busy schedule. We had to reschedule our initial recording a few times due to last minute conflicts, but Jeff was patient with us and made sure to find a time that worked for everyone. Recording with him was easy and straightforward, and he delivered pickup files afterwards very quickly. I will definitely reach out to Jeff for future work.

Jackson Swain

KJO Media, Westwood, KS

Jeff is a true professional!  He quickly understands our voiceover needs and turns them into perfect results every time!  

Iryna Vizir

InText Translations, Ukraine

It was a pleasure working with Jeff on two recent jobs. He was friendly, prompt and professional, and delivered precisely what we asked. We appreciated his work - and his voice - so much that we immediately hired him again. I highly recommend him. 

Sean Skelton

Mad Rocket, Los Angeles, CA

Jeff is a pleasure to work with. Super friendly, professional and very accommodating.

Michael Santos

Postproduktiv, Sydney, AU

Jeff is a class act in every sense of the word. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several multimedia projects for Novartis.  His versatility, range and professionalism have all been key components to the success of our projects.  His vocal tone carries a level of gravitas that is both genuine and conversational while also sounding knowledgeable and authoritative. It’s the perfect blend for our organization.  One of my clients liked his performance so much that they revised their script so Jeff could have an even greater presence in their project!  Jeff is a joy to work with and I look forward to utilizing his vocal talents again in the future.

Joseph Jerman

Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, NJ

Jeff came to us from a recommendation and we are quite happy to have had the opportunity of working with someone with his level of talent. To say he is easy to work with would be an understatement! He takes direction beautifully, is extremely flexible, always punctual, and makes himself available when needed. During a recent project there were several script changes, and Jeff’s ability to provide a quick turn-around not only kept the project moving forward, but kept our client very happy. His range shows in his work - and his friendliness makes working with him a pleasure.  
Mike Gabrielli
SmartfishGroup, Inc., Stamford, CT

Jeff is the consummate voiceover professional. As usual, I perform a search for artists for each of our projects and provide the client with a list of the best to choose from. As soon as I came across his demo I said "this is the guy!" The client immediately agreed to let Jeff do the voiceover and frankly he nailed it. Shortly thereafter I had another client who's project required a voiceover. I recommended Jeff to that client and he nailed that one too! Jeff is the total package and we consider him a valuable asset in our production arsenal!

Josh Skehan

Josh Skehan Productions, Scottsdale, AZ

Jeff Friedman is a highly talented voice actor with a very natural and believable sound. His performances are consistently on target from an emotional perspective. His flexible attitude toward the creative process combined with a keen ability to take vocal direction to another level enriches my productions. In a sentence: Jeff's vocal talents elevate a script off the page while exceeding client expectations.

Adriana Davis
Producer / Editor / Voice Over Director
D-Squared Media, New York, NY

Jeff recorded our phone system menu prompts and on-hold promotional loop and we were thrilled with the results!   We will definitely continue using Jeff’s voice for his distinctively smooth and inviting sound!
Delores Vander Aa

Tahoe Seasons Resort
South Lake Tahoe, NV


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